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Thursday, April 21, 2016 Vic and Kyle | Vic Lombardi Show


The basics…

  • Hometown: Denver, Colorado
  • High School: Holy Family High School
  • College: University of Colorado / Notre Dame

When I was a kid…

  • Favorite Athlete: Me
  • Favorite Team: Mine
  • First Sport I Played: Football
  • First Live Sporting Event: Nuggets vs. Sonics game, before peach baskets
  • Dream Job: Pro golfer

Now that I’m all grown up…

  • Coolest Event I’ve Covered: World Series
  • Event I Hope to Cover: NBA Finals
  • Favorite Person to Interview: Charles Barkley
  • Person I’d Like to Interview: Tiger Woods
  • Favorite Broadcaster: Kenny Powers

Away from the job…

  • Hobbies / Interests: Golf, hoops, cycling
  • Favorite Band: Hall and Oates, Frank Sinatra
  • Best Concert I’ve Ever Attended: Hall and Oates
  • Favorite Movie: Rocky
  • Favorite TV Show: Better Call Saul
  • Favorite Book: Unbroken
  • Unmarketable Skill: Juggling